TCF142S Cable converter / amplifier to FO SM Mono-mode


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TCF-142-S converter converts the RS485 signal of the ID2net card to single mode 1310nm extending the signal, depending on the type of fiber, up to 40 km. IMPORTANT NOTE => When using the TCF-142 fiber converter, it is NOT necessary to use the ISO-IDRED / F central fiber converter itself. The converter must be as close as possible to the original RS485 signal, maximum 1.5 meters. from the converter (TCF-142) to the repeater or to the control unit. In addition to increasing the distance between equipment, the TCF-142 converter increases immunity to electrical interference by using optical fiber, which is not affected by electromagnetic or radio frequency interference and provides isolation between equipment. It includes ST type connectors so the reference is TCF-142-S / ST, there is the possibility of SC type fiber connectors.


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